Churchs Ferry is located in North Dakota, United States and was established in 1886. According to the 2010 census, the population covered 12 people. This town also covers 1.0 km or 0.4 square miles total land area.

Based on the Census last 2000, there are 77 people, 26 families and 33 households residing in this place. Its population density also covered 178.2 people in every square mile or 69.1 km. This place also includes 46 housing division with 106.5 average density or 41.3 km. In addition, the racial framework of this place was 100% white. Furthermore, there 21.2 % or 33 households of the population had children. In most case, children with an age of 18 live with them, 63.6% were married and 91.1% of them had women householder with no husband. Additionally, 21.2% of them belong to non-families.

21.1% of the most households are totally consists of individuals and 12.1% had of them live alone, aging 62 years old. The normal household size was 2.33 and its standard family extent was 2.50. In this place, the population was also spread out by way of 19.5% with an age of 18, 3.9% from 18-24 years old; 24% from the age bracket of 25-44; 36% from 45-64 and 16.9% with an age of 65. When it comes to the income of median household, the town accumulates $33,438. Every median family income was $60,313. Males had #30,625 median incomes and females got $33,750.Moreover, the per capita income of the town was $18,327. All people living in this town are well-off.

Since Churchs Ferry is situated in North Dakota, this place has a wide spots and wildlife. Since this place covers small population base, its real estates are extremely affordable. If you are planning to buy lands and other real estates properties, this place is your best choice. With this, you don’t need to spend a lot of money in buying real estates properties. With a sufficient amount, you can have a land that you always longing to have.

The economy of this place is strongly rich in wheat, agricultural products, barley, milk, sugar beets, sunflower and other main products. Like other places, North Dakota also covers industrial services like machinery, food processing, tourism and mining. Aside from its real estates, North Dakota is also rich in amusement places. Adventures activities like biking, camping, hiking, boating, wildlife viewing, skiing, fishing and a lot more are widely available for all tourists. In addition, family activities like museums, go-karting, water parks, zoos, and other recreational activities can also be viewed.

Since there are numerous tourists attractions in Churchs Ferry and North Dakota, people love to visit this place. So, if you love to roam around the world, try to visit this place and see how it changes your life. Every place of North Dakota is extremely valuable and therefore provides great satisfactions especially to all tourists.